Storage Rock Hill SC

How to Maximize Storage Rock Hill SC

  1. Use Your Staircase

Nowadays, it seems like most people have two-story homes. If you have a two-story home, then you’re in luck because your staircase is a great way for you to maximize your Rock Hill SC storage.

While some staircases have an opening underneath, or even a closet, most staircases don’t. If you’re one of the lucky homeowners who already have storage space in or under their staircase, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of that storage space! But, if your staircase is completely enclosed, consider hiring a contractor to install shelves on the side of your stairs, or a closet or nook under your staircase to store some extra belongings.

  1. Think Vertically

Most of the time homeowners think about Rock Hill SC storage in a horizontal capacity. While horizontal storage space is important, it’s not the only way you can maximize your storage space. In fact, using vertical storage is crucial when maximizing your space.

What we mean is don’t be afraid to use your walls and doors as storage space. You can easily hang a shoe rack on the back of your bathroom door to store products or your pantry to store spices and snacks.

As for your walls, you can install shelves going up your walls to place books, pictures, or other valuable belongings. You could also mount objects, such as a bike, onto your wall as a decorative piece that’s also functional because it keeps the item out of your way.

  1. Rent a Storage Unit

While there are little ways you can maximize your home’s storage space, sometimes homeowners truly don’t have enough space to keep all their items organized. If this happens to be the situation you’re in, consider renting a storage unit. Since storage in Rock Hill SC is important, the area has a few reputable storage centers that offer monthly and long term storage unit rentals in various sizes.

  1. Utilize Furniture

If you really want to maximize your storage space, consider using your furniture as a way to store extra belongings. Some of the furniture pieces you can invest in include; footstools that double as trunks, tables with hidden compartments, and chairs that are multifunctional storage spaces.

With furniture that doubles as storage space, you won’t have to worry about making enough room in your home for places for your family and friends to relax and hang out, as well as enough space to store your belongings. In other words, furniture with storage compartments give you the best of both worlds.