New Website Software at The Mini Storage Center – Freedom Drive, Charlotte, NC

Our self-storage facility The Mini Storage Center on Freedom Drive in Charlotte, NC now has online payments available on our website where customers to login online to pay their storage unit bills. We have decided to upgrade not only our site management software but also out website to allow multiple new user friendly options for customers on our website. Customers can not only pay their bills online but new customers can also go online to our reservations page under Freedom Drive and reserve a unit in real time. Next week, once a few more tweaks are made to our webpage, we will also be integrating real time unit pricing and availability under our pricing tab for Freedom Drive. We hope that this will increase the positive user experience for our customers and we also plan to roll this out to all our other locations once the integration process has been streamlined. Please visit the website for The Mini Storage Center to check our our new webpage additions and to reserve your unit today!