Climate Controlled Storage Rock Hill SC

Why You Should Choose Climate Controlled Storage Rock Hill SC

While regular storage units are often sufficient enough to store items, you should consider the more modern and innovative option of a climate controlled storage unit. Just continue reading to learn more about why climate controlled storage in Rock Hill SC is the best storage solution!

  1. Regulates Temperature

Let’s face it: items, especially antiques, instruments, and items made out of wood, can be extremely sensitive to temperature. That being said, if you plan on storing any sensitive items for a prolonged period, you should consider renting a unit that offers climate controlled storage in Rock Hill SC.

With a climate controlled unit, the temperature will be consistently regulated to accommodate the nature of your items. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your items being exposed to extreme cold or heat.

  1. Phenomenal Air Quality

Another huge perk of climate controlled storage spaces is air quality. Unlike typical storage units, Rock Hill SC climate controlled storage units have a phenomenal air quality that consumes the entire unit. Using advanced technology, climate controlled storage spaces have a continuous air flow that circulates and cleans the room. The air is so fresh, it almost feels like your items are being held in a regulated area outside.

  1. Dust & Debris Barrier

Between the phenomenal air quality and the tightly sealed structure that often includes an insulated roof, you won’t have to worry about dust or debris accumulating on your items. Dust and debris often accumulate in typical storage units because the structure isn’t made to be as tightly sealed or durable.

But, with a climate controlled storage Rock Hill SC unit dust, dirt, and debris won’t be able to make its way into your unit and onto your items. So, you can have peace of mind knowing your items are going to remain clean and in phenomenal condition while they’re being stored for the however long you need the storage unit.

  1. Humidity Control

Lastly, climate controlled storage units are great because they often offer humidity control. In addition to temperature, humidity is the other factor that greatly affects the condition of items. If fragile, sensitive, or older objects are placed in a humid climate than they are susceptible to damages, such as warps, cracks, and even rotting.

This is because humidity causes excess moisture to accumulate in the air. Often, fragile, sensitive, and older objects do not have as much resilience to moisture as newer and more durable objects. So, the excess moisture easily damages them.

But, with a climate controlled storage unit, you won’t have to worry about humidity damaging your objects because the base humidity will be kept around 55%, which is the perfect amount of humidity.