Cherry Road Self Storage

7 Storage Solutions if You Live in a Tiny Home Near Cherry Road

While living in a tiny home has an enormous amount of perks, there are definitely some cons to living in a tiny home near Cherry Road. One of the biggest challenges to living in a tiny home is storage space. That being said, here are seven storage solutions to use if you live in a tiny home near Cherry Road!

  1. Declutter

In order to practice good Cherry Road self storage, start by decluttering your home. Sort through all the items you own and consider whether or not you truly use and need them. You’re bound to discover items you most likely didn’t even know you had, and in that case you should consider donating them.

  1. Properly Utilize Closets

How you utilize your closets could ultimately make or break how well you utilize your self storage near Cherry Road. For example, if you really need extra storage space in your home, consider hanging storage racks on the back of closet doors, as well as utilizing floor racks, hanger stackers, and storage bins to maximize closet storage space.

  1. Think Creatively

One of the most innovative ways for people to utilize self storage near Cherry Road is to think creatively and store their items in the form of decorations or multifunctional furniture. For example, you can easily hang your purses on a wall to create a fashionable yet functional display, and you can invest in footstools that double as trunks to store pillows, blankets, or any other items you have.

  1. Rent a Cherry Road Self Storage Unit

Whether you have a collection of items that need a separate storage space or you simply want more space to store your items without having to move, then consider renting a Cherry Road self storage unit. Storage units are great because they can be rented for short or long term and provide a safe and reliable space to store your belongings that you can access at any time.


  1. Utilize Vertical Space

While horizontal storage space is important, vertical space is also crucial when trying to maximize storage space in a tiny home. That being said, consider installing shelves that rise up your wall. This is especially helpful for people who own a ton of books or items that are similar.

  1. Organize Everything

Sometimes people don’t actually need more storage space. Instead, they just need to properly organize and store their items. So, before you think you’ve maximized your storage solution options, make sure you sort through your items and properly organize and store them. In other words, alike items should be grouped together and stored in bins, compartments, or shelves.

  1. Consider Moving to a Larger Home

Finally, if you feel like you have truly exhausted all your storage solution options and think that you don’t have enough storage space, consider moving to a larger home where you know you will have more than enough space to adequately store all your items.